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Tamsyn’s Birth Story

Thomas arrived 2 days before my due date. 

This pregnancy was very different as well as the labour and birth. At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so home birth and birth centre were completely off limits.  Then I had Influenza A and was quite poorly.  And nearly went in to preterm labour but that stopped. 

Again my latent phase was long, roughly about a week, and on the day I actually went in to labour, I was not sure if I had felt the baby move as I was so tired.  At about 4pm I went to the hospital to have the baby monitored and I was advised an induction of labour, 1 because of the diabetes, and 2 because of the reduced movements and I was near my due date. I did not want and induction but as luck had it I went in to labour a few hours later. I had had an examination from the midwife and I was already 2 cm dilated, but there were no beds on the labour ward for me to go in, so I had to go to the ward. At 7pm my contractions started, every 4 minutes lasting 60 seconds. At midnight I was 3 cm and had some pethidine and started using the gas and air. I stayed mobile on the ball and kept in control. I was managing better this time around. I kept telling myself you can do it, you are ok, keep going. 

At 4am I was 4 cm! Established labour! But again no midwife to look after me at the moment. I could wait, I was fine. 

6:00 am I was transferred to labour ward, and had an examination to break my waters as that was the plan to keep the labour going.  The midwife looked concerned and said she wanted a 2nd opinion as she thought she could feel a vessel going through the membranes (if this was the case I would need a c section). At this point I was so emotional, nothing had gone to plan, but however this baby was meant to come was the way it was meant to be.  The Dr came and examined and said it wasn’t a vessel or the cord and broke my waters for me at about 6:30. I did not feel a thing, apart from the feeling of like wetting myself. 

Soon I was up and mobile, standing at the side of the bed, hubby the other side holding my hands while I rocked from side to side. Last time I had an epidural so I hadn’t felt the baby move down, but this time was very different.  I embraced it, I felt empowered knowing I could do this. Thomas was all of a sudden putting pressure on my pelvic floor and I knew he was coming, but carried on breathing through as much as I could.  Not so long after I was pushing with the entire urge and all my might, and it was shift change time too. I wanted to get back on the bed so I did. 

I remember hubby and the two midwives in the room laughing at me when I said the baby felt like it was coming out of my bum (I knew he wasn’t but that’s how it felt).  Then I remember seeing their faces in astonishment as I was pushing: the baby was back to back again just like the first labour. But as I was pushing, the baby was turning getting into the correct position and they could all see the baby’s head turning as it was coming forward. I felt everything! The ring of fire and burning sensation, the head delivering! And then the rest of baby! Thomas was born at 08:20 am placed into my arms and continuous skin to skin uninterrupted! I suffered a small tear this time but it did need repairing, I wasn’t bothered, the euphoria and oxytocin and the feeling of accomplishment kept me distracted!

I DID IT! I felt amazing after and was walking around, I felt energised. Not like my first labour, where I had lost quite a bit of blood and felt exhausted. But the midwives helped me to feel empowered both times.  They were amazing.

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