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Pregnancy Circle

A sacred space for pregnant women to gather. To begin to build a village. To journey with others into motherhood.

Are you craving a sisterhood of mamas-to-be?

Are you longing for someone to talk to about how you are really feeling?

Do you feel the sense that you want to slow down but there always seems to be so much to do?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with information?

Perhaps you are already a mother and are looking for ways to spend some time connecting back to yourself and this baby?

The Pregnancy Circle will guide you through ways to prepare your mind, body & soul for birth and beyond

The Pregnancy circle will support you to:

  • Rising-mother_icon Weave ritual into your pregnancy to give it the reverence it deserves
  • Rising-mother_icon Meet & connect with other women journeying through pregnancy with you
  • Rising-mother_icon Prepare for birth with an experienced midwife
  • Rising-mother_icon Give yourself permission to pause and connect with yourself and your baby

how it works

The Pregnancy Circle is intended to offer heart-centred support. Through mindfulness, relaxation, journalling and creative activities we will explore important topics that will help you prepare for birth and motherhood. There will be time to share your experiences, listen to each other and relax in circle together.


We will gather online via Zoom


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