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From game-changing birth preparation to nurturing support postpartum, Rising Mother is here to help you find your way through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Rising Mother’s mission is to honour your journey to becoming a mother

I’m Carrie, Founder of Rising Mother, a midwife, birth coach and mama of two wild boys.

With over 12 years experience supporting birth, I recognise that everyone’s path to motherhood is different. I will help you navigate your own unique path.

I help women to RECLAIM childbirth as a rite of passage through;

Work with me

Dive into a group course, invest in some one-to-one coaching or join one of our mama circles

Group Hypnobirthing

This is not your average hypnobirthing course.  

Private Hypnobirthing

One-to-one courses are bespoke to your needs and either taught in the comfort of your own home or via Zoom.

Private Antenatal Classes

I also offer bespoke 1-1 birth & parenthood preparation calls.

I am REIMAGINING a village for mothers and REBUILDING the sister circle that’s been lost. I offer;

A virtual sisterhood and community for you to gain support and wisdom [Coming Soon]

By gathering together and sharing wisdom we will REMEMBER our inner knowings and RECONNECT with our instinctive wisdom so that we can


Growing a baby and giving birth should be the most empowering experience of your life. But that’s probably not what you’re hearing from many women and maybe that’s not how it was for you.

Over the last 13 years, I have learnt, unlearnt, witnessed and remembered what birth is.  And over this time, I have come to realise that there must be a return to placing women at the centre of birth. Childbirth is a sacred rite of passage, and something we do so few times in our life- how we birth & how we feel about our births matters. Pregnancy is an invitation to do the ‘inner work’ and remember that we already have everything we need to birth powerfully and intuitively. I am here to guide you and walk beside you on your journey. I can’t wait to know you.

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